You don’t have to warm up your car before leaving

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Warm up your car before leaving

Remote accessGiven the current weather conditions we are dealing with in our area, there is no doubt that you would have had to make a change to your usual routine. One of the things you might have started doing this week because of the extreme cold weather is starting your car for a while before you actually leave the house for the day. However, did you know you don’t have to warm up your car before you leave anymore. Engine technology has changed to the point where running your vehicle for 30 minutes before leaving the house simply wastes fuel and contributes to air pollution.

These days, the only reason to start a vehicle is to make sure it is nice and warm when you get into it. If you are the type that likes a toasty warm vehicle in the morning, you don’t need to brave subzero temperatures in your slippers. You can always come to the Toyota of Naperville Aftermarket Accessories Department to have a remote starter installed. We carry several different models with different ranges and capabilities. We will definitely be able to find something that works for you.

Now, back to the issue at hand. The myth about having to warm up your car before you leave the house was true at one time. During the days of carbureted engines, the car needed to be started on cold days before traveling because the engine needed to reach an optimum temperature before the carburetor could provide the proper fuel/air mix to keep the engine running and avoid stalling. The main reason we don’t have to warm up our vehicles for more than 30 seconds before leaving home has to do with electronic fuel injection. Using this modern system, a car can automatically adjust the needed settings to get the car moving.

If you have questions about why you don’t need to warm up your car before leaving or getting a remote car starter installed, contact a Toyota of Naperville sales professional today.

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