Toyota Sells an Incredible Nine Million Hybrids

June 2nd, 2016 by

2016 Toyota Prius viewed from behindToyota recently announced a major milestone with the sale of the nine millionth Toyota hybrid. If there was ever any question that hybrid vehicles have become a part of the mainstream, it’s now been answered. Today’s drivers love the sustainability, low cost of ownership, and advanced features that the Toyota hybrid lineup is known for. It shouldn’t be long before the 10 millionth is sold, and expect many other milestones to pass afterward.

The Toyota Prius Changed the Auto Industry

It’s fitting that “Prius” is a Latin word meaning first or superior, because it was one of the first gas/electric hybrid vehicles to hit the market, and it’s unquestionably the best known and most popular.

The initial concept for the Toyota Prius debuted at the Tokyo Auto Show in 1995 with the first production model appearing two years later. The car was notable not only for its amazing efficiency and advanced powertrain technology, but also for its eye-catching design. Understandably, American drivers were curious about this new kind of car but also slow to rush to the dealership. It took nine years and nine months for the first one million hybrids to be sold.

Subsequent generations of the Prius improved on both power and fuel economy while smoothing out some of the most distinctive features of the styling. Toyota also worked hard to incorporate advanced features inside the cabin, quickly making the Prius one of the most accessible “high-tech” cars on the road. As gas prices rose and drivers have become more conscious of the environmental impact of carbon emissions, interest in and acceptance of the Prius has grown significantly. In the last nine years, an additional eight million Toyota Prius hybrids have sold worldwide and Toyota has expanded the hybrid lineup to include the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, and many more.

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