Toyota, Ford to partner for new in-car technology options

January 4th, 2016 by

Toyota SmartDeviceLink

What is Toyota SmartDeviceLink?

Toyota’s available technology for increasing the safety ratings of its vehicles is simply staggering. Using the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Toyota will be announcing a partnership with Ford to essentially develop a standardized computer language for in-vehicle telematics. The two automakers will be working with technology developer Livio to improve and deploy the development company’s SmartDeviceLink (SDL). While Toyota and Ford are currently the only automakers on board with this new technology, they have not closed the door to welcoming other original equipment manufactures or application developers to join the project to spread the ideas and functions of SDL.

The partnership between Toyota and Ford actually started back in 2011. At that point, the two automakers simply agreed to collaborate on building the next generation of in-vehicle telematics system standardization. It wasn’t until June 2015 with the addition of Livio and SDL where the partnership began to gain traction.

“Developing a safer and more secure in-car smartphone connectivity service which better matches individual vehicle features is exactly the value and advantage an automaker can offer customers,” Shigeki Terashi, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation said in a Toyota press release. “We expect that many companies share our view and will participate in the industry SDL collaboration.”

Automotive telematics revolve around systems that allow a vehicle to speak with other vehicles or infrastructure. What makes this three-way partnership using SDL so exciting is that its an open source platform. It’s the open source portion that is particularly interesting. This means that anybody with the knowledge can build an app to do something. But using a standardized format through SDL, these apps can be used on Ford and Toyota vehicles, thus potentially lowering development costs. Additionally, Toyota drivers will eventually have the ability to use, access or manipulate these applications using the Toyota Entune infotainment system.

The 2016 model-year is already a watershed moment for safety systems in Toyota vehicles. A number of new models, including the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and several other popular models will be available with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS). Toyota has made a commitment to offer systems like lane departure alert and blind spot monitoring across the entire Toyota roster of vehicles by the 2017 model-year.

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