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Just about every automaker on the planet offers a certified used vehicle program. In fact, the Toyota Certified Used Vehicle program is one of the best around. However, not many of those automakers extend the benefits of such a program to the available fleet of hybrid vehicles. Toyota Certified Used Hybrids in Naperville, IL does just that with a series of warranties and benefits that are hardly matched by any other automaker. Contact a Toyota of Naperville sales professional for more information.

As a world automotive leader in the development and production of hybrid vehicles, it is very important to support those vehicles on a large scale. Just like the case with the traditional TCUV program, the quality of Toyota hybrid vehicles, they can go on to serve more than one owner. Not only does this have the benefit of making more people believers in Toyota Hybrid technology, but also helps more customers conserve fuel and keep the savings of those costs in their pockets where they belong.

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Benefits of the Toyota Certified Used Hybrid Program

While almost any Toyota hybrid vehicle can be a viable used hybrid option, not all can become a Toyota Certified Used Hybrid Vehicle. To get that special tag and all the benefits that go with it, Toyota of Naperville follows a carefully laid out program of inspecting each vehicle eligible to become a certified used hybrid. This mean each vehicle goes through a 174-point inspection that includes very close consideration of the Toyota Synergy Drive System and all of the connected components. Additionally, the gasoline engine, brakes and transmission are all carefully inspected to ensure they meet the high-quality standards of a Toyota vehicle.

Toyota Certified Used Hybrid Warranties

Each Toyota Certified Used Hybrid vehicle includes seven unique protections, benefits and warranties. Each Toyota Certified Used Hybrid Vehicle in Naperville, IL comes with a 12-month/12,000-mile Limited Comprehensive Warranty, seven-year/100,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty, eight-year/100,000-mile Factory Hybrid Vehicle Battery Warranty and one year of roadside assistance. In addition to the 174-point inspection, each vehicle comes wit ha CarFax Vehicle history report. Finally, qualified buyers are eligible to get new car financing rates from Toyota Financial Services.



Each hybrid vehicle goes through a 174-point inspection process before being labeled “Certified.”



The hybrid system, including batteries are covered under a warranty for Certified Used Hybrid cars.

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Since all Toyota Certified Used cars must be only a few model-years old, the latest safety systems are in place.

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Peace of Mind

The quality of Toyota vehicles allows customers to be comfortable in their Certified Used Vehicle purchase.

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Vehicle Reports

A free CARFAX report is a standard part of every Toyota Certified Used Vehicle transaction.

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Fuel Savings

Very few automaker stand behind its fleet of hybrid vehicles like Toyota to allow more people see the advantages.