Tips for plowing snow with a Toyota pickup truck for the first time

December 22nd, 2015 by


Plowing snow with a Toyota pickup

We have been pretty lucky so far this year when it comes to snow accumulation. However, there is little chance that this luck will hold out for the entire winter. Plus, if you bought a new Toyota Tundra or Tacoma from Toyota of Naperville and have plans to plow out the neighborhood, you might be chomping at the bit to give it a try. The Toyota of Naperville Aftermarket Accessory Department is ready to help you install your snow plow. They can make sure all of the electrical connections are set and ready to go when that 3 a.m. snow storm blows through the area. If this is your first winter plowing snow with a Toyota pickup, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

If you bought your truck and plow to take care of your property and maybe a few deserving neighbors, you are probably working with a straight-blade plow. For the most part, residential driveways should only need one pass or so to get all of the snow out of the way. If you have a long driveway and have your plow positioned at an angle, you may have to make a cleanup pass. When straight-plowing, especially during the first couple snowfalls, make sure you push the snow far enough back to leave room for subsequent storms.

Deep snow and wet snow present some interesting issues. If you are dealing with a particularly deep snowfall, it is advised that you raise the plow blade and take a layer or two off before grounding the blade. This can go a long way toward overly stressing components. When the snow is wet and sticky, the experts emphasize finishing a job that is started. Leaving the last bit of cleaning up windrows can quickly freeze and be very difficult to remove.


Make sure you have enough ballast in the bed of the truck before starting to plow. This will counteract the weight added to the front of the truck added by the plow and its components. The ideal ballast material is dense and easily moveable. Bags of sand are the most commonly ballast used. When placing the ballast in the bed of the truck, keep it as close to the tailgate as possible. If you are concerned about ballast bags shifting around, and they will, be sure to ask a Toyota of Naperville sales professional about methods for keeping them in place.

If you have any questions about plowing snow with a Toyota pickup or want to learn more about how a Toyota truck like the Tacoma stacks up against the Nissan Frontier,  contact a Toyota of Naperville sales professional directly, they will be sure to find the information you need as quickly as possible.

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