Our Favorite Indian Restaurants in Naperville

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Dining area at The Indian Harvest from https://theindianharvest.com/our-gallery/

Image courtesy of The Indian Harvest from https://theindianharvest.com/our-gallery/

  • Cuisine of India: Offering mouth-watering dining and takeout, Cuisine of Indian has been recognized more than once for its excellent dishes and friendly service. You’ll pick it out as something different thanks to its modern interpretations of classic dishes and an insistence on using high-quality, fresh ingredients.
  • The Indian Harvest: A perfect venue for tandoori dishes, classic curries, and lunch buffets, The Indian Harvest sources most of its recipes from the north of the Indian subcontinent, so it’s a great place for challenging your taste buds and trying something new.
  • JK Kabab: The team over at JK Kabab are committed to combining the wonders of Indian cuisine with a health-conscious variety of dishes. All food is prepared using fresh and natural ingredients using the grill, tava, and other traditional Indian and Pakistani cookware.
  • Dalicious: A perfect Indian fast food restaurant for those in the Chicagoland area, Dalicious specializes in Bombay and Delhi flavors. Some of their most popular dishes include Vada pav, dabeli, Kachori chaat, and Ragda patties.
  • Bawarchi Biryanis: Flavoring their culinary creations with a wide range of aromatic spices, Bawarchi Biryanis can create a beautiful pot of Biryani. Naperville residents craving the most heavenly and authentic Indian food shouldn’t hesitate to book a table. They believe in one saying: “The Food you love and the Tradition we follow.” Sounds good.

Video from Dalicious

JK Kebab in Naperville

Image from JK Kebab

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