Never lose your keys again with Toyota Key Finder

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Toyota Key Finder

Toyota Key Finder

Losing your keys is one of the most stressful things that a car owner can go through during the ownership experience of their Toyota car, truck or SUV. Toyota of Naperville understands how important your vehicle is to living your life on your terms and that it is the most important tool at your daily disposal. In order to keep you on the road and help you find lost keys, we would like to explain howToyota Key Finder works. It’s simple and straightforward and can really be a lifesaver for those of us that never put something in the same place twice.

Toyota Key Finder is a low-power Bluetooth device that can be attached to your keys or anything that you don’t want to lose. It could be attached to a purse, backpack or easily slid into wallet. In order to use the Toyota Key Finder, you have to have an Apple iOS device, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The current information about the key finder doesn’t expressly say if it will be compatible with the new Apple Watch, but there is very little reason to believe it wouldn’t work just fine. You can purchase the Toyota Key Finder from Toyota of Naperville.

Toyota Key FinderThe first thing you need to do to set up the Toyota Key Finder is to download the key finder application from the Apple App Store by searching, “Toyota Key Finder.” Once you have the app on your device, simply follow the instructions for pairing the Toyota Key Finder to the device works almost exactly like pairing any other Bluetooth enabled device like a headset to the phone or music player. Inside of the app you will have control over a number of features. You will be able to name the key finder with something more recognizable than the code it is initially given.

You can also set the type and duration of sound you will hear to help you locate the Toyota Key finder. Your choices appear to be tone, vibrate or tone plus vibrate. There is also a function to set a range of how far away you can get from the Toyota Key Finder before an alert is triggered. You also can trigger the device from your Apple device from within the Toyota Key Finder App. Watch the video included in this blog for more information.

If you would like to purchase the Toyota Key Finder or need help in setting it up, please contact a Toyota of Naperville sales professional today.

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