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Toyota Heated and Cooled Seats

When automakers are touting their top of the line models, it seems every one of them comes outfitted with heated and cooled seats in Naperville, IL. Being able get into a car, truck or SUV and sit on seats that have been properly heated or cooled is no longer the exclusive provenance of the wealthy. The Toyota of Naperville Aftermarket Accessories Department is offering a very affordable discount on the installation of heated and cooled seats in Naperville, IL.

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What exactly is being installed?

Heated Seats
Some people can be a little wary around the term aftermarket parts. However, Toyota of Naperville only works with the best suppliers and only uses the most trustworthy components. The heated and cooled seats in Naperville, IL that the aftermarket accessories department is installing are from Classic Soft Trim a very well known supplier of high-end leather seats. The color and materials used is replacing the seats will be color matched to the interior of your vehicle. Currently supported Toyota models for the new heated and cooled seats in Naperville, IL include, Avalon, Camry, Venza, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, Highlander, Sequoia, Sienna and Tundra.

Classic Soft Trim is partnering with Amerigon and the latter’s Thermal Electric Device (TED). The TED uses specifically designed blowers that forces cool or warm air through the specially made foam cushions as well we through the perforated leather to bring almost instant comfort to the front passengers almost instantly. The technology used on the heated and cooled seats in Naperville, IL is almost identical to that used in the original manufacturer equipment.

Heated and cooled seats FAQ

How do the seats get heated and cooled?

The seat cushions and seat backs each have a heating and cooling unit installed in them using their own blower and thermal-electric heating system that sends the air throughout foam installed in the seat.

How will I control the temperature of the seats?

Auxiliary switches will be installed along with the new heated and cooled seats in Naperville, IL. Each mode (heat/cool) will have three levels for the customer to choose from so they can dial in the seat to their exact comfort level. The system is designed to make the seat warmer of colder than the ambient temperature of the passenger cabin to ensure the user will feel the benefits.

How will I know the seats are working?

Customers will not feel air blowing over them like they would if they place their have in front of a vent. However, as the temperature of the seat subtly changes a gently air flow will be noticed and appreciated on the coldest and hottest days of the year.

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