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Naperville Riverwalk

Photo Cred: Naperville Riverwalk

If you’re looking for something to do in Naperville, whether it be a daytime jaunt or a nighttime event, then you should be set if you check out the Naperville Riverwalk. With various activities available, excellent scenery, and easy access, the Riverwalk is an ideal location for families, young adults, and seniors alike. Find out more about the exciting things you can do at the Naperville Riverwalk before planning your trip!

What is the Naperville Riverwalk?

Established in 1981 as a way to celebrate Naperville’s 150th anniversary, the Naperville Riverwalk consists of a nearly two miles of walkway, covered bridges, exquisite landscaping, relaxing fountains, and much more. The effort came about as a result of community donations of time, money, and materials to turn the once-forgotten riverfront into a vibrant hot spot for visitors near and far. It’s located along the DuPage River, close to several historic and central Naperville sites, such as the Downtown Naperville area, where you can find restaurants and shopping galore.

Millennium Carillon in Moser Tower

A bell tower standing 158 feet tall with 253 steps and 72 bells, the Millennium Carillon in Moser Tower was constructed as a tribute to the third millennium. Situated next to the tower is the Visitor Center, where guests can learn about the Carillon and Naperville history thanks to different interactive exhibits. Here, visitors can also purchase tickets to tour the tower. Learn a bit more before making your way to the tower for yourself!

Millennium Carillon in Moser Tower

Photo Cred: Naperville Parks

Riverwalk Paddleboat Quarry and Fishing Pier

Looking for an engaging yet relaxing activity in the Naperville area? Head to the Riverwalk paddleboat quarry and fishing pier. Rent a four-person paddleboat on any non-school day from the middle of May to the middle of September, or bring your fishing gear to make a few casts.

Riverwalk Paddleboat Quarry and Fishing Pier

Photo Cred: Naperville Parks

Riverwalk Amphitheater, Millennium Wall, and Labyrinth

Visit this multi-use outdoor area for different events, such as library-sponsored family story hours. Explore the Millennium Wall, where you’ll find inscriptions to celebrate donors who supported city activities when the new century began. And finally, the Millennium Labyrinth stands as an imitation of the Chartres Labyrinth in France, installed as an interesting visual along the compact pathway.

Millenium Wall

Photo Cred: Naperville

Centennial Beach and Grill

When the weather permits, it’s worth making the trip to Centennial Beach, which is considered Naperville’s historic beach that the public has enjoyed since 1931. Take advantage of the likes of picnic areas, zero-depth water entry and depths up to 15 feet, a sand beach, and water play features, among other fun amenities. When you get hungry, head to Centennial Grill to fill up on a wide selection of food and beverages.

Centennial Beach Grill

Photo Cred: Centennial Beach

Plan Your Trip to the Naperville Riverwalk

There’s no shortage of things to do an see at the Naperville Riverwalk, as you’ll soon find out when you head there yourself. Take a swim, go for a long walk, or take in some history at the Millennium Carillon. No matter what you do, you’re in for a good time! If you need any more recommendations for Naperville fun, feel free to contact Toyota of Naperville!

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