Aftermarket Accessories

Aftermarket Accessories

When a person picks out their new car, they are able to pick and choose the options and accessories they want to make that vehicle their very own. When or if that car hits the second (pre-owned) market, people may not be able to have the accessories they want. That is where aftermarket accessories in Naperville, IL and the Aftermarket Department at Toyota of Naperville are able to help. Our crew of experts is ready to give customers a second chance to have their perfect car.

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Bluetooth Options

At the start of 2014, the State of Illinois passed a law that made it a primary traffic offense to be talking on, using or otherwise manipulating a cell phone while driving. It allow people to remain in contact as needed without violating the law, Toyota of Naperville can install a Bluetooth system in a vehicle. We have a wide range of Bluetooth systems available to meet just about any need and budget. Even if a vehicle comes with Bluetooth connectivity, we may be able to increase its functionality with a new device.


Heated and Cooled Seats

Environmental controls are a very important part of having a positive ownership experience with any vehicle. For too long having seats that are heated or cooled has been the sole providence of high-end luxury vehicle. The aftermarket accessory technicians at Toyota of Naperville have found a revolutionary system to add heated and cooled front seats to just about any vehicle. No longer will people have to be uncomfortable with seats that are too cold or too hot. Each seat will have its own controls that will be professionally installed.

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Rust Protection Service

The damage caused by ice-mitigation measures is a leading cause of damage to cars, trucks and SUVs in the Naperville, IL area. Salt especially, is terrible for the metal of car chassis’ and paint finishes. Toyota of Naperville offers a full line of rust protection services in Naperville, IL from “The Protector” an industry leader in this regard. The Protector can also protect the interior of vehicles against burns, stains and small cuts and punctures. Keeping the interior and exterior as clean and damage free as possible is one of the best ways to increase the potential resale value of a pre-owned vehicle.


Remote Starters

When the conditions outside are not fit for man or beast, having to get into a car that is freezing cold or burning hotter than the sun is not a pleasant proposition. Being able to get a jump on heating or cooling a vehicle’s interior is a key component to a comfortable drive. For vehicles that were not pre-fitted with remote car starters, Toyota of Naperville can install this system for one of the most convenient features to come to market in a long time.

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