The 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback SE is Here!

September 25th, 2018 by

The Corolla Hatchback SE has just rolled in, and we’re giving it over to one of our team to see what they think…

Video Transcription

What’s up everybody? It’s Bill, I’m at Toyota Naperville, and I have a question for you: what does the car behind me and a mullet have in common?

It’s simple: business in front and a party in the back.

You heard it here first, folks. We’re looking at the new 2019 Corolla Hatchback SE. So, Toyota just came out with the new release of the Corolla Hatchback. I don’t know if the video does itself justice, but the color is amazing as well — it’s called Scarlet Metallic. It’s got like a nice little sunset orange to it, and different ways of lighting gives you a different color. You’ll definitely have heads turning when you’re driving in this car with this awesome color.

You can see right off the bat you’re going to have the push-to-start key, so you can lock and unlock the door without actually using the key fob. Key’s actually in my pocket right now.

This is the SE model, so it is the sportier version of the Corolla Hatchback. Like I said, push to start. Awesome stuff. Look at that screen. And this is only a $20,000 car. Very affordable car and you’re getting all these perks. I mean three, four years ago, shoot even last year, you weren’t getting push-to-start on the SE level, electronic brakes — crazy, everything is electronic now. This is the future we live in.

Turning around taking a peek back here. The seats are down right now. Look at that space — you could fit a bed, a few people. Not legally, they need seat belts, but the seats do come up so when you want to fit in those people you can fit three in the back very comfortably. I’ll wrap around the back and I’ll put those seats up to show you, but the Hatchback opens up all the way, so you can fit very wide objects in between the seats and it shouldn’t be any issue.

The hatchback is open — you can see so much room. It is so wide compared to a trunk, you can just slide whatever you want in there. Putting the seats up — very easy to do — let’s do this one as well. It still looks like a regular car. Look at that — just put the seats down really easily, so you could definitely fit five people, or more if you really want to pack it in. I wouldn’t suggest that, though.

So that is the Corolla Hatchback. Awesome amount of space. Very cool for 2019. The color is phenomenal.

I’m going to go drive around the lot real quick, and I’ll see you next time. Bye.

Drive the 2019 Corolla Hatchback SE at Toyota of Naperville

Feel like taking your own look at the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback SE? Visit our showroom for a chat and a test drive — we’re just an easy drive from Aurora, Oak Brook, and Joliet.

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