The 2016 Toyota Prius Redesign Bring More Fuel Economy and Features

February 27th, 2016 by

The Toyota Prius has long been the leading hybrid on the road. The engineers as Toyota have never been content to rest on their laurels, though, which is why the Prius has been comprehensively improved and updated, front to back, inside and out. Learn what to expect from the 2016 Toyota Prius redesign, and decide if it’s finally time to switch to a hybrid.


The most immediate change that drivers will notice is the look of the vehicle. The rounded curves of previous generations have been replaced with sharper lines and dynamic angles for a more athletic overall look. It’s certainly still a Prius, but one distinctly for the future. The 2016 Toyota Prius redesign also includes a number of more subtle changes that nonetheless improve the quality of the driving experience. For instance, the driver’s seat positioning has been improved to allow a more natural and comfortable seating position.

With the new look comes new dimensions. Total interior volume has expanded from 115.3 cubic feet in the 2015 Prius to 117.7 cubic feet the latest one. Most of that extra space is in the front, giving both drivers and passengers more head and leg room. Even more significant, however, are the gains in cargo capacity. The previous Prius had 21.6 cubic feet of dedicated space, while the latest has 24.6 cubic feet behind the rear seat.

Performance and Fuel Economy

The 1.8L four-cylinder engine and dual electric motors that power this hybrid are good for 121 horsepower. A new rear suspension also has a big impact on ride and handling. Fuel economy, of course, is a priority for Prius drivers. Now, it’s better than ever. Fuel efficiency in most trims is rated at an EPA-estimated 54 mpg city and 50 mpg highway, up from last year’s ratings of 51 mpg city and 48 mpg highway. Even more exciting is the introduction of the Prius Two Eco trim, which achieves ratings as high as 58 mpg city and 53 mpg highway, according to EPA estimates.

Step Behind the Wheel of the 2016 Toyota Prius

When you’re ready to take a tour and test drive of the all-new 2016 Toyota Prius, work with the sales team at Toyota of Naperville, located at 1488 W. Ogden Avenue in Naperville, IL. To ask questions or schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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