Toyota crash testing is all THUMS

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TON top 0630

Toyota Crash Testing

Automakers like Toyota are constantly building a portion of its fleet of vehicles with the sole purpose of smashing them into other objects. Since it would be more than somewhat dangerous to have humans in these destroyed vehicles, the job has fallen to the venerable crash test dummy. It is truly unfair to call these human analogs, dummies. Toyota engineers have been able to glean more than enough information from these valuable tools to design a few generations-worth of some of the safest cars on the road today. Even with all of the advanced testing technology available, there still have been some limitations during Toyota crash testing sessions.

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Most American-made cars include Toyota Camry, Sienna

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Most American-made cars

Most American-made Cars

Toyota has one of the largest bases for manufacturing of any foreign automaker in the United States. The Toyota Camry and Toyota Sienna rank among the top of the list for the Most American-Made Cars. To qualify for this list, a vehicle must not only be assembled in the U.S. by American workers, but a number of other functions must happen as well. Among the other considerations that factor into this index is how many parts considered “domestic” under federal law are used in the production of models like the Camry and Sienna. This is the first time in three years that Toyota is back on the list. Toyota of Naperville couldn’t be happier with its manufacturing partner.

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Looking for a great pre-owned car? Check out our Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Sale

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Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Sale

Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Sale

Toyota of Naperville is working very hard for the next 10 days to help customers save money on the purchase or lease of a select new vehicles with the Toyota Independence Day Sales Event. Now, the dealership is extending a special financing program on all Toyota Certified Used Vehicles that has been quietly running since April. Through July 6, the end of the Toyota Certified Used Vehicle sale, eligible buyers can receive a special financing rate on all TCUV vehicles for up to 60 months when the loan is handled by Toyota Financial Services. Read the rest of this entry »

Toyota Independence Day Sales Event starts June 25

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Toyota Independence Day Sale in Naperville, IL

Toyota Independence Day Sales Event

Starting tomorrow (June 25) and running through July 6, Toyota of Naperville will be hosting the Toyota Independence Day Sales Event. Of all the sales opportunities that are operated by Toyota of Naperville, this is going to be of the shortest of the year. When the sales kicks off Thursday morning, customers will only have just more than a week to take advantage of the outstanding offer associated with this deal. So what is so good that it can only be valid for a week? Well qualified buyers that obtain a car loan through Toyota Financial Services, they can be eligible for zero percent APR for 60 months. Read the rest of this entry »

Four Toyota models recognized for best retained value

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Best retained value

Best Retained Value

Among the available Toyota inventory for sale at Toyota of Naperville, a few models have been singled out by leading automotive opinion maker, for having best retained value. The vehicles were chosen based on the projected residual values after five years of ownership based on the highly trusted True Market Value. To put this a little more plainly-spoken, has a pretty solid formula to predict how much just about any vehicle is going to be worth after a number of years. Obviously, this will have an effect on a number of factors like resale and trade-in value. Toyota was the best-performing non-luxury brand in the five-year-old award. Read the rest of this entry »

Toyota gives i-Road new demonstration

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Toyota i-Road demonstration

Toyota i-Road demonstration

The world of Toyota innovation isn’t limited to just a fleet of outstanding and highly reliable cars, trucks and SUVs. As an overall world leader in all things that combine transportation and technology, Toyota has been working on the next evolution of personal travel. If you have been a regular reader of the Toyota of Naperville Blog, you will now that one of our favorite pet projects to follow is the Toyota i-Road. We have observed it in person during our annual visit to the Chicago Auto Show, but recently Toyota has shown the diminutive vehicle to an eager crowd at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Read the rest of this entry »

How to end distracted driving behaviors

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end distracted driving behaviors

End distracted driving behaviors

If you have been a loyal follower of the Toyota of Naperville Blog, you know that we are big supporters of the Toyota effort to end distracted driving behaviors. Empirical evidence would indicate that there would be more drivers on the road for various reasons, meaning there are going to be more distracted drivers out there. According to a 2006 study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), cited in a Toyota press release, fatigue or distracted driving was a factor in almost 80 percent of all crashes. To pull this idea of ending distracted driving in to better focus, the NHTSA defines distracted driving as anything that pulls visual, cognitive or manual resources for the road. Basically, anything that causes you to stop looking at the road, thinking about the road or takes your hands off the wheel is a distraction. Read the rest of this entry »

Are you new to the Toyota experience? Come to Toyota of Naperville

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Are you new to Toyota?

Are you new to Toyota?

Shopping for a new car, truck or SUV is a daunting venture, even for the most seasoned of consumers. There is an advertisement for a new vehicle on the television or radio, and now online, everywhere you look. If you haven’t considered taking home a new Toyota vehicle, Toyota of Naperville would like the chance to show you what we have to offer. Not only are Toyota vehicles, like the Corolla and Camry among the most popular in our area, but they are among the most popular options in the entire country. Overall, Toyota vehicles are known the world over for being highly affordable, highly fuel-efficient and highly reliable. Toyota of Naperville takes those easy-to-digest ideas and adds a level of customer service that is unmatched in the automotive industry. If you are new to Toyota and everything we have to offer, stop by our showroom and take a look for yourself.

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Versions of the 2016 Tacoma discussed

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versions of the 2016 Tacoma

Versions of the 2016 Tacoma

The anticipation for the 2016 Toyota Tacoma around the Toyota of Naperville showroom was palpable. We aren’t expecting the all-new mid-size pickup truck to arrive to the Toyota of Naperville showroom until this fall. But until that date comes, we want to keep the energy from interested customers as high as possible. We are working to bring you as much information as we can as soon as it becomes available. We have just found some information about soon-to-be available versions of the 2016 Tacoma. For the most part, the same trim grades will return for the 2016 model as will some of the same choices for available options. Read the rest of this entry »

Find Tundra accessories in Naperville, IL at Toyota of Naperville

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Tundra accessories in Naperville, IL

Tundra accessories in Naperville, IL

The 2015 Toyota Tundra that is available at Toyota of Naperville is one of the most handsomely and well-outfitted trucks available. Customers can choose among several different trim grades that offer several layers of additional accessories and capabilities. However, that may not be enough for some people. Toyota offers an impressive catalogue of additional Tundra accessories in Naperville, IL that can easily be installed by the aftermarket department staff at Toyota of Naperville. Many of you have come to us to have remote starters added to your vehicles, if you are Tundra owner you can feel free to stop in and see what your options are. Read the rest of this entry »