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Great experiance and pleasant atmosphere. Gives you proper time and proper explaination about the pricing and car info. Kareem thomas friendly sales person who connects with you.
Justin was a great salesman to work with--he has helped my family in their car buying experience many times, and it is because of his friendly and helpful attitude that we will continue to buy from Toyota of Naperville and seek Justin's help when doing so.
On October 1, 2011, I arrived at Dan Wolf's Toyota of Naperville dealership, with the purchase of a used Ford Escape in mind. My Mother and I were kindly greeted by Justin Buck, posing a question that on my car search, I had yet to be asked. He asked, "What do you need this vehicle for?" I responded by saying, "I am a 21 year old who's leaving to finish college, 7 ... hours from home, and into an average of 14 ft of snow annually. I need a reliable, affordable, used vehicle, with low miles and all wheel drive." He asked if I had anything in mind, and I told him about the Escape. Never during our visit did he mention that he had no Escapes on his sales floor. He simply showed me what he had, that he thought would fit my needs. We looked at about 5 smaller SUV's, and I eventually test drove 2. He was extremely polite, and kept every detail in mind while we were looking over the cars. The fact that Toyota of Naperville has a test driving track is wonderful. It allows the driver to completely focus on how the vehicle drives in different conditions and situations ( ie: turns, railroad tracks, cobblestone, and hills) and how they feel in it. Rather than worrying about juggling their own thoughts, along with paying attention to other drivers on the road and a salesmen in the back seat giving you complicated directions. My mind was made up when we test drove a 2007 Subaru Forester. Justin had found me a used, affordable, reliable, all wheel drive vehicle, with low miles. That day, he wasn't just a used-car salesman. He was a salesman that kept my needs in mind and genuinely wanted to help me find a car that would take me to the next stage of my life. He shattered the image of a car salesman being a "shark". Now, he's working on finding the right vehicle for my Mother, so she can come visit me :) and I don't doubt he'll find her the perfect one, that fits her needs as well.We then moved on to working with Gary Jaros, to finish up all the paper work. He was extremely polite and funny and was completely understanding of the fact that we had been there for a long time, so he helped us move quickly so we could get lunch.Every employee that we had contact with at this dealership was so friendly, that it was easy to feel comfortable there.Thank you Justin, and thank you to everyone at Toyota of Naperville, I am now set to go, and it wouldn't have been possible without all of your guys help.