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The 2015 Toyota Sequoia is one of the most impressive vehicles available at Toyota of Naperville.
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As I stated above, I dealt mainly with Matt George. He was the salesman and an excellent one at that. I like dealing with Matt, because he let you select what you wanted and not what he thought you should have. When I went into Toyota of Naperville, I knew exactly what I wanted, and got exactly that at an excellent price. Even though Shannon Garofalo was the internet ... person for email exchange and not the direct salesperson, she obtained all of the information concerning the car that I was looking for prior to the sale and answered or got answers for my concerns prior to my visit to Toyota of Naperville and her efforts are appreciated. There was also a lady that I talked to concerning sales of optional equipment and I can't remember her name, but she was a great person to deal with also. The final person that I dealt with was a fellow named Gary Jaros. He handled car payments, sales tax, and any other financial matters. Gary really knew his business and was a great person to deal with too.Overall, Toyota of Naperville is a good place to do business. The areas where discussions between buyers and sales people occur have adequate privacy, so all of your personal information doesn't get broadcast to everybody else. Also, the sales people there act like they want to do business with you by asking if they can help you as you enter the front door of the dealership. That's important to me because I visited some other dealerships where the sales people would not even talk to you or even ask you if they could help you. With those types of dealers I just walked in and walked out. Anyway, Toyota of Naperville is a very good place and I would go there again when I need another car.
Set up an appointment with Dave Zidlicky, throught the internet. Spent time test driving three toyota models and asking a million questions, no I never met Dave before. Dave had the answer to everything I asked about the cars and the dealership. He was both patient and friendly during our two hour meeting, (considering he was dealing with me this in itself was an ... an event). Yes I did wind up buying a new Toyota Camray SE that day. Yes I would recommend Dave to anyone who is looking to buy a new toyota. Yes, it was a pleasant experience not like what I expected to encounter. Bill C
Test track was an excellent way to compare different makes and models. Dan Wolf Toyota has hundreds of cars to compare. Final price was very close to my offer.