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REMINDER! We are having a Independence day sale until July 6th on eight of our popular models! #Toyota #LetsGoPlaces
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Kris Kosinski was a excellent salesman and very accomodating.Kris greeted my wife and I provided us with the information we requested regarding the used Ford pick up we chose. I would recommend that anyone looking for a vehichle wether it bue new or used to come see Kris.
When faced with the task of buying a replacement vehicle foe my father who lived several states away, I thought to narrow the car choices and to contact dealers in his local area. My sister and I wanted to surprise him with reliable wheels that would boast our love and concern, while answering reliability and style.I was able to narrow the search to three ... possibilities: the Mercedes E class and the Toyota Camry or Avalon. And yes price was a factor but call it guilt or love, we were most concerned about safety and performance. In my father's town i found a few Toyota choices but I was terribly confused about the features and pricing between Avalon and Camry. To solve this I called Dave Zidlicky, the sales representative who had helped me make an excellent choice for my firstborn son. That had been a Camry from Toyota of Naperville. I got Dave on the phone to ask if I could work my deal with him and have the car delivered to a remote location. Dave was terrific: he welcomed my query and explained the differences between the two Toyota options. He also shared with me that he had the perfect car in inventory. He felt the AVALON, the warranty options, the price, etc. properly answered my wish list. Leaving work early that day, I was certain I had solved the 'dad needs a new car issue' and I made my way to the dealership, where I was welcomed with a friendly smile to view what would become a dream for my father. Dave had the car ready for my viewing and carefully went over the details of the 2011 Acvalon that was soon to be my choice. We went for a test drive, which was more like an educational field trip and talked over the options available to me. You see the car had everything I had hoped except for leather seats. By this time Dave was committed to delivering the perfect product to my dad and he came up with the perfect solution. When we arrived back at the dealership he engaged the department that would have the cloth seats replaced with leather and what ease and comfort I felt with Dave at the helm. The car was delivered at the end of the week and is now parked in my father's driveway. In terms of price, product, service, and ease of transacting Dave Zidlicky and the team that supported his stellar performance have made a family of folk extremely happy. Even more, he has made me appreciate what great salesmanship can accomplishment. Dave had the opportunity to speak with my father after I made the drive to Alabama...David he smiled without reserve after speaking with you as he passed the phone back to me. What a great experience for all of us. Thank you.
bill james
Justin Buck was great to work with! He has great customer service and is very good with follow up after the sale. He works very hard to get your business and retain it. Also had very good service from the service department. We got a fair price for our trade in and also for the new car we purchased. We will definitely buy more cars here.