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@ToyotaNapervill 18 hours ago


Just another big city big dealership trying to rip off the public for sticker price. We heard the nonsense phrase, "What would you like to accomplish today, to make your visit productive." What did they think we wanted, a game of parchisi? They ignored the woman with two babies and talked to her husband only about a ... minivan. Now who is going to drive that minivan ...inivan, him or her? The price dropped $3,300 as we walked out the door. We heard the magic lie - We don't make any money selling a car at dealer invoice. Shortly thereafter it was admitted there is $1,000 "holdback" on every car. If you make the mistake of going there, be sure to have a price from Kenosha Toyota in hand. If you beat them hard enough they will match price as you are walking toward the door.
Burned Batavian
It wasn't our plan to buy a car at all, we were actually more interesting how we can trade in our old car and possibly buy a new car. We found a car that we liked (new Toyota Camry 2011), and it turned out that we were given a really good deal. We accepted it. We were very happy with the price and estimated monthly payment. While we were waiting the final contract ..., the guy who worked closely with our sales girl, came back and offered us higher price instead because he didn't calculate everything correctly first time. We were very disappointed at the end cause we had to pay higher price and not the one we were given for the very first time. We went home without buying a new car and thought about everything......while we were disappointed on one side cause they couldn't give us the price that was offered first time, we found that it was still kind a good deal for us - and came back tomorrow to close the deal. Of course, they were all very sorry for what happened and we know that these things are happening, but at the end we are the ones that have to make a payment every month. All in all they were all very friendly and they were trying to do their best. Maybe that is why we came back, bought the car and even referred them to our friend - who also ended up buying a new car.
I had a very good experience purchasing a 2009 Camry Hybrid recently from this dealer, mainly due to the fine salesmanship displayed by Tod. What we liked about the experience: He wasn't pushy, respected me and my husband, and expertly led us through the fine points of this car. More Pros:This dealership has its own driving range a block away, an impressive feature Tod gave us his cellphone#, just in case we need his help. He followed-up the day after to check on us.