Winter is giving us a break, better take advantage

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Winter service coupons in Naperville, IL

Given the mild temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately, it is important not to take this reprieve from winter lightly. If getting your car ready for winter has been one of those things you have been putting off, Toyota of Naperville is making it more attractive to bring your vehicle into the service department with some winter service coupons in Naperville, IL. Until Dec. 31, owners can take advantage of savings on an extra set of wheels for certain Toyota sedans as well as save on a new battery. Both of these appointments can be very helpful to take care of before Mother Nature realizes she is running behind, weather-wise.

Discounted Toyota Take-Off Wheels in Naperville, IL

The first of the winter service coupons that is available at the Toyota of Naperville Service Department, is for a pre-owned set of discounted Toyota take-off wheels. For the uninitiated, take off wheels are perfectly useable wheels that remain in the dealership if a customer wishes to have a different wheel design with their purchase. The stock of these wheels is limited what the service department has in stock. Picking up a spare set of wheels is great option for people that are looking for a new look without spending a ton of money. Also, if you are looking for a little extra grip on upcoming snowy and icy roads, you could use these wheels to have a new set of snow tires wrapped around them.

Complimentary battery inspection in Naperville, IL

Once the cold winter wind start whipping off of the lake, the battery on your car, truck or SUV is going to start to suffer. Few things are as difficult for a battery to deal with as cold weather. People that don’t take advantage of a free battery inspection may find themselves in an a desolate parking lot, waiting for somebody to come by and offer a jump start. The experts at Toyota of Naperville will take your battery out of the vehicle and inspect it for deficiencies. In the event you need a new battery, you can receive $10 off the purchase price by simply using this free service.

Some potential buyers may be beyond a new set of wheels or a new battery and simply need to get a new car. If this sounds like you, there are still a couple of weeks of Toyotathon available to find that new car. With choices ranging from the 2016 Toyota Corolla and Camry to remaining models of the 2015 RAV4 and Prius Two, there is a 24-month lease waiting for someone that needs a new vehicle.

If you have any questions about the winter service coupons in Naperville, IL or about the Toyotathon sale, contact Toyota of Naperville today.

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