Use of off-road systems for the Toyota 4Runner

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 Toyota 4Runner

Use of off-road systems for the Toyota 4Runner

One of the most capable vehicles in the highly diverse Toyota lineup is the 2014 Toyota 4Runner near Bolingbrook, IL that is available at Toyota of Naperville. Over that last few weeks, we have talked a lot about the Toyota 4Runner, especially the upcoming TRD Pro Series, that is factory-built to be one of the world’s best off-road vehicles without the need for aftermarket accessories. A major part of the appeal of this vehicles is easy use of off-road systems for the Toyota 4Runner. In every piece we’ve written about the 4Runner, we have made allusions to its outstanding off-road capability, but never really explained how it works. Now, with the help of some videos (posted after the jump) from Toyota USA, we are fixing that.

First of all, the Toyota USA channel on YouTube is a treasure trove of information about everything Toyota. You can find well-produced videos that cover just about every conceivable topic about various vehicle functions. The first of two Toyota videos about the use of off-road systems for the Toyota 4Runner we are showing here, Toyota driver Andy Bell and a friend are taking a 4Runner out into the boonies in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and encounter muddy and slippery hill that would likely be a non-starter for a lesser SUV.

Bell and his co-pilot first identify the terrain and easily engage the Multi-terrain Select system on their Toyota 4Runner. The Multi-terrain Select system redistributes power to all four wheels, keeping them turning at the proper speed to be able to easily handle the muddy, and steep, grade. You will be able to hear Bell mention quickly in the operation that he has the gas pedal floored, but the traction control system keeps him in control.

The second video shows Bell and a different rider going through the woods in the same (presumably) Toyota 4Runner. This time they encounter a steep hill that is covered with fairly loose sand. A different set of circumstances requires a different use of off-road systems for the Toyota 4Runner. As Bell and company approach the sandy hill, he immediately engages the locking rear differential. This function that is available at the push of a button ensures that both rear wheels keep turning. Without this ability, a vehicle runs the risk of one wheel getting bogged down and stopping while the other spins uselessly.

As the situation progresses, Bell then engages the Toyota A-Trac system that essentially does the same thing a locking rear differential does for the rear wheels on the front wheels. The lesson that can be taken away from this series of videos is that the outstanding engineering that has gone into building Toyota vehicles, and the 4Runner in particular, allows for even novice drivers to take on terrain that might otherwise force people to turn back or get into trouble.

If you would like to learn more about the capabilities and use of off-road systems for the Toyota 4Runner, contact a Toyota of Naperville sales professional today.

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