Toyota vehicles star in 2016 Dakar Rally

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2016 Dakar Rally

We have covered, at length, the capabilities of Toyota trucks and SUVs. We have written about how the 2016 Toyota Tundra now has the largest fuel tank available. We have gone on and on about how the 2016 Toyota 4Runner is ready to do almost anything asked of it right out of the box. We have even shared news about how a basic RAV4 has been transformed into a champion rally racer, with surprisingly few mechanical modifications. This is all great for illustrating how customers can benefit from capabilities of Toyota vehicles. However, the best testament to these abilities is shown in Toyota’s commitment to the grueling Dakar Rally, which kicks off next week.

2016 Dakar Rally
2016 Dakar Rally

For more than 35 year, the Dakar Rally has represented the toughest off-road, cross continent race that could be undertaken in the world. When competition started in the late 1970s, the race started in Paris and ended in the west African city of Dakar. However, certain events have necessitated a change in venue. The race now covers more than few countries in South America. Not that the shift in course is any comfort to the drivers, they are still covers hundreds of miles a day though terrain that is nothing less than some of the most dangerous on earth.

Toyota vehicles have played a major role since the very first Dakar Rally in 1979. During the inaugural race, of the 74 vehicles that actually finished the race, 13 of them were Toyota models. By 2002, the 24th running of the Dakar Rally, Toyota badges were hanging on 23 of the 52 entrants.

Among the most popular Toyota vehicles to compete in the historically difficult race is the Toyota Land Cruiser. It shouldn’t be much of a stretch to believe that the Land Cruise is a popular and successful choice for this race. While the version of the Toyota SUV gets more than a few upgrades to compete in the Dakar Rally, the version available at Toyota of Naperville would provide a solid base to build on.

Customers that are the outdoors-type can benefit from the SUV’s spacious cabin, V-8 engine making more than 380 horsepower and wide range of traction control systems.

If you would like to learn more about this outstanding vehicle, contact a Toyota of Naperville sales professional today.

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