Toyota Model Information

2017 4Runner


The Toyota 4Runner is one of last remaining body on frame SUVs on the market today. Over the years the 4Runner has been a favorite of customers who have the occasional need to get their tires dirty without sacrificing the on-pavement performance needed in a daily driving vehicle. Since being introduced in the early ‘80s the Toyota 4Runner has continued to be among the class leaders.

2017 4Runner

2017 Avalon


A first-rate interior and outstanding performance are two of the most important elements in the design of the Toyota Avalon. In addition to those things, the Avalon has remained a stalwart choice in the very competitive mid-size sedan class. Every model year brings a new surprise that keeps the rest of the industry on notice. The Toyota Avalon has been refined and continued to evolve to the point where it can be a strong competitor in the entry-level luxury sedan world.

2017 Avalon

2017 Camry


Few other manufacturers’ nameplates are as closely associated as Toyota and Camry. The outstanding reliability and fuel-economy of the Toyota Camry has catapulted it from its humble start to one of the best selling vehicles of all time. Each new model-year brings a fantastic array of improvements that makes the Camry all the more valuable and endearing to its very loyal customers.

2017 Camry



Since being introduced to the American public in 1968, the Toyota Corolla has been a loyal member of many American families. First brought in to help make do with the pervasive gas shortages, generations of owners have come to rely on the Toyota Corolla for so much more. Each version of this highly respected Toyota brings a fresh take to the table.

2017 Corolla




As one of the most innovative automakers on the planet, the Toyota Highlander was among the first true crossover SUVs available to customers that used a unibody design to make the transition from sedans to SUVs far less daunting for first-time drivers. A more commanding view of the road and a very compliant steering profile has made the Toyota Highlander a popular choice among Toyota shoppers.

2017 Highlander

2017 Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most refined SUVs on the road today. After starting with more humble, yet very capable specifications, the Land Cruiser now offers off-road luxury that is nearly unmatched in the luxury SUV class of vehicles. Each model of the Land Cruiser builds on this history and continues its legacy of impressing customers at almost every turn.

2017 Land Cruiser

2017 PRIUS


Arguably, the Toyota Prius is the hybrid vehicle that started it all. For years having a viable vehicle being powered by a combination of gasoline and electric power was a lofty dream at best. Toyota engineers more than responded to the challenge and produced the Toyota Prius. Not only did they prove that hybrid technology was viable, but they also proved it could be produced to be affordable.

2017 Prius
2016 Prius C
2017 Prius V

2017 Rav4


Alongside its other Toyota crossover SUV cousins, the Toyota RAV4 has continued to meet the needs of customers. The RAV4 offers some of the best fuel-economy scores in its class and has the performance to make it fun to drive while performing the daily tasks it was designed for. The RAV4 almost perfectly fits the niche in the market for people with young children or those that have increased needs beyond the capability of a sedan.

2017 RAV4
2017 RAV4 Hybrid


2017 Sequoia


When it comes to passenger and cargo-hauling capability of the line of Toyota SUVs, the king of the hill is the Toyota Sequoia. With a powerful V-8 under the hood and room for eight passengers, the Sequoia offers more than enough to hold its own against similar models from competing automakers. A combination of off-road ability and a towing capacity of more than 8,000 pounds are the elements that really set the Toyota Sequoia apart from everyone else.

2017 Sequoia

2017 Sienna


Minivans like the Toyota Sienna remain one of the most flexible vehicle platforms ever produced. They are equally as adept at bringing the family to places they need to go as they are being used for a more commercial purpose. The Toyota Sienna remains one of the most sought after minivans on the market because of the vehicle’s excellent performance, seating capacity, fuel-economy and ability to tow items that rivals many crossover SUVs.

2017 Sienna



In the time the Toyota Tacoma has been available to customers, it has easily shown that bigger isn’t always better. The midsize pickup is perfect for the weekend warrior that enjoys projects around the house that requires a few trips to the hardware store. The Tacoma has a very competitive cargo capacity and an impressive ability to tow a surprising amount.

2017 Tacoma



On the surface, it would seem that the Toyota Tundra was built to make the traditional pickup truck makers nervous. Each version of the Tundra builds on that capability and the evolution of the pickup truck has been one of the most impressive of any vehicle in the Toyota lineup. Paced by aggressive styling and top-notch performance the Toyota Tundra has proved it is one of the most capable pickup trucks being built today.

2017 Tundra


2017 YARIS


The Toyota Yaris comes with two body style options, a two- or four- door version. Each one of them makes the most of their hatchback design and provides potential owners with an incredible amount of cargo room. The Yaris also has one of the lowest ownership costs of any vehicle on the Toyota roster or almost any manufacturers’ list of vehicle. When it comes to safe, practical transportation, there is almost no other subcompact vehicle that offers what the Toyota Yaris does.

2017 Yaris