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Send Santa a letter in Naperville, IL

The promise of presents and an omnipresent Santa Claus closely monitoring the behavior of children is a time-honored way to get a least 30 days of civil behavior from the normally rambunctious. Another time honored tradition is for kids to record their wish lists for Ol’ St. Nick and send them along to the North Pole. These letters can range from hilarious to heart-warming. Plus, it’s never a terrible lesson to have kids learn to clearly communicate their desires. Toyota of Naperville wants to help people get in the spirit by finding ways to send Santa a letter in Naperville, IL.

Letters to Santa Mailbox

Right here in Downtown Naperville, is a direct line to Santa’s workshop. The specially designed Santa Mailbox is on Main Street behind Ted’s Montana Grill by the Van Buren Parking Lot. Children (no age limit is specified) are encouraged to get their gift lists together and drop them in the mailbox. Santa’s elves, probably the new guys, will be making daily pickups. No postage is necessary. A special surprise is in store for people that remember to clearly print their return address on the letter. Santa’s helpers will pickup the mail starting Wednesday (Nov. 25) through Dec. 23.

Kids can follow up with Santa and make revisions in person by visiting him at The Santa House on the Riverwalk.

Email Santa in Naperville, IL

Given how tech-savvy kids today are, they may be more inclined to send Santa an email. Kids can click on the button below to take them to a site where they can directly send their wish lists in a digital manner. The website also features a countdown to Christmas day, a live updating naughty and nice list as well as the ability to check out emails from other kids from around the world.

Click to email Santa

Track Santa on Christmas Eve

Anyone who has done any online shopping knows how satisfying it can be to be able to track their purchase in real-time. Add the excitement of a child on Christmas and forget about it. For another year, the brave men and women of the United States and Canadian Air Forces will offer a web portal to track Santa in real time. Clicking the button below will take kids to the official North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) website. Android and iOS also offer apps to help everyone keep an eye on Santa’s progress.

Track Santa on Christmas Eve.
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