New iPhone app for Toyota owners is Entune with your needs

March 3rd, 2014 by

The new Entune app for iPhone will make life on the go a little easier. Dinner reservations and finding out how your favorite team did are two of the easiest functions performed by the new Entune app.
Smartphones and infotainment systems are some of those things that were just destined to have a long and happy life together. Entune is the Toyota brand of infotainment system. Its prime function is to integrate audio and navigation systems and information into a singular display point. Additionally, Entune incorporates a whole array of different technologies, including Bluetooth, voice recognition and USB. When Entune and a popular smartphone like, iPhone, are combined the possibilities are nearly endless in terms of the waves of information that would be available to the owner of that Toyota vehicle. Recently, Toyota has released a new iPhone app for Toyota owners.

The Entune iPhone app for Toyota owners is meant to enhance the overall experience that Toyota owners and drivers have while using the Entune system. The latest version numbered 1.11.281, has been reworked to allow Toyota owners and drivers to link such popular apps like Pandora Internet Radio, OpenTable, and the ubiquitous Facebook from inside a properly equipped Toyota vehicle with the Entune System. In order for the new <href=”/toyota-apps-for-iphone-android/”>iPhone app for Toyota owners to be most effective, the iPhone must be connected to the vehicle with a USB cord. Not only will this allow for the most functionality possible between the two systems, but it will also charge your iPhone.

Being that we are firmly entrenched in the information age, the linkup between being mobile and being informed are as synonymous as ever before. The new <href=”/toyota-apps-for-iphone-android/”>iPhone app for Toyota owners will allow for the constant updating of stock prices, sports scores and traffic conditions. With only a few keystrokes a customer using the iPhone enhanced Entune system will be able to make an entire evening’s worth of plans from making dinner reservations to purchasing movie tickets, all while at a red light.

If you would more information about the new <href=”/toyota-apps-for-iphone-android/”>iPhone app for Toyota owners, consult iTunes, the Toyota Entune website or the Toyota of Naperville Service Department.

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