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New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve Party Tips

All over the world people will be celebrating the coming new year in different ways. Many of them will involve beer, champagne, wine and other spirits. Certainly, we’ve all earned at least a night off to remember what was and ponder what will be coming next year. If you plan on celebrating this way, first of all, make sure you have a safe option to get home that doesn’t involve driving yourself and your friends. Historically, people take New Year’s Day to recover from all of the fun they had the night before. Hangovers are a part of the process, but there are things you can do mitigate the suffering, if not avoid the problem altogether.

Getting ready for heavy New Year’s celebrations

New Year’s Eve PartyThe most important thing you can do before going out and treating yourself to the perfect cocktail is to eat something. Just like house can’t be built without starting with a foundation, drinking works the same way. Starches like bread and pasta is time proven base. These foods work to absorb the alcohol in your system and serves to slow down the upcoming effects. Also, being properly hydrated is important. Through out the day before going out for New Year’s Eve, drink some extra water. Even if you aren’t going out, drinking a little extra water through out the day is a good idea.

During the party

The average person can metabolize one ounce of alcohol per hour. This means approximately a 12 ounce beer, eight ounces of wine or one ounce of spirits. One drink per hour is a pace that will keep the party going later into the night without much of the pain of the next day. Also, having a glass of water between drinks will go a long way toward slowing the effects of alcohol. Don’t be afraid of finding a midnight snack at this point. Healthy eating habits can start on Jan. 2.

The next morning

With any luck, you have followed our advice and you don’t feel too bad, save for maybe staying up past your normal bed time. However, if things got away from you there are some things you can do to lessen the pain.

  • Drink lots of water. You are probably pretty dehydrated at this point and desperately need fluids. Sports drinks are not a terrible idea to have on hand.
  • Take something for your headache, but not aspirin. If you feel your pulse in your eyes, this is likely the result of the aforementioned dehydration. But some relief can be found by taking ibuprofen.
  • Eat something. It may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but getting something in your stomach will likely make you feel a lot better. A well-proven remedy is white bread toasted with honey on it.

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