Toyota Hydrogen Bus In Development

October 22nd, 2016 by

Toyota Hydrogen BusThe hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai was the automaker’s first foray into fully gas-free vehicles – now there are reports that a Toyota hydrogen bus is in development. That is exciting news for anyone eager to see low-cost, clean-burning hydrogen used in the vehicles of the future. More information is still forthcoming, but a few exciting details have already been released.

Ample Hydrogen Power

A bus has significant power requirements, and the engineers at Toyota have found ways to advance fuel cell technology to accommodate some of the biggest vehicles on the road. The Toyota hydrogen bus will be able to put out 9kW, which is an improvement over the Murai, and carry up to 235 kWh on board when fully fueled.

Remote Energy Source

One of the most under-sung befits of hydrogen power is its flexibility. It can be used to power cars and buses, but it can also adapt to power just about anything that runs on electricity. The Toyota hydrogen bus is being engineered to serve as a kind of mobile power source. If and when necessary, surplus power carried on the bus could be used as a source for power tools, lighting, generators and anything else that requires power remotely. This would be huge asset in emergency scenarios, especially in the densely packed space of a city.

Tokyo Fleet Deployment

As you would expect, you will not be able to buy the Toyota hydrogen bus at dealerships, and there are not currently plans to bring it to the states. The first 100 to go through production are expected to be deployed in Tokyo in advance of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. If they prove to be a viable alternative to other types of buses, or even other forms of public transportation, they could see a much broader deployment.

Toyota Leads the Hydrogen Revolution

If you are eager to get behind the wheel of a hydrogen-powered vehicle, the Toyota Mirai is already available in certain parts of the country and could see a nationwide roll out sometime soon. Stay up to date with all the innovations from Toyota at Toyota of Naperville.