We're more than
just a dealership.

We're a family.

Toyota of Naperville is more than another team

A dealership is more than the sum of what is created by concrete, glass and cars strewn over acres of asphalt. A dealership that prides itself on treating customers like family members, must in fact, be a family themselves. The word, “team,” gets bandied about rather loosely in corporate circles. But what does it really mean? There is a lot of room to maneuver in that space. By adopting the Toyota of Naperville idea of family, almost like magic the bonds between people take on a stronger meaning that is more likely to resonate with the kind of people we are looking for.

Toyota of Naperville is one of the most successful Toyota dealerships, not only in the state of Illinois, but in the United States. It takes more than a team to ensure that level of success. There has to be a level of trust that only a family environment can bring. In order to keep things running at peak condition, seamless cohesion is a must. Everybody working for one common goal, while taking care of one another is how Toyota of Naperville sets itself apart from the rest of the competition in all areas of our operation.

It's about doing
the right thing.

Because it matters.

What are we looking for?

There is more to the modern automotive dealership than sales staff and mechanics. A truly modern and cutting-edge operation like Toyota of Naperville requires expertise in several different areas. Just because you walk into the dealership on your first day and wouldn’t know a tailpipe from a taillight, doesn’t matter. We are looking for the kind of people that are willing to learn their job and be the best they can possibly be. We are different from our competitors because we take the time to do the small things for customers. We get to know them so that someone purchasing a Toyota vehicle or having maintenance work done isn’t completing a business transaction, they are working with a trusted friend to solve a problem.

Because of the diverse background of our staff, Toyota of Naperville is able to meet and exceed the expectations most people have about automotive sales. Nobody has worked harder than the people at Toyota of Naperville to dispel and eliminate the antiquated notion of trying to make a quick buck. Everything we do is about making sure the right thing is done for the customer. This simple, but often overlooked, principle extends from the reception desk all the way up the ladder to the president’s office.

It's more than
just a job.

It's a place to grow.

Rewarding your hard work

When it comes to the benefits package available to potential Toyota of Naperville employees, you will be rewarded for your hard work and loyalty to your customers. We know we are asking a lot of our family members that we are working with on a daily basis. But getting the best people means offering some of the best compensation packages you will find in any industry in this area. Bringing your talents into a highly competitive industry like this is not only making our operation stronger, but you will also have plenty of opportunities to grow professionally as well as personally.

In addition to a highly competitive benefits package, you will be able to improve your skills in other areas of your life. Whether you attend a Toyota-sponsored seminar about product knowledge or a conference with other industry professionals, we always want you to be improving yourself and bring that knowledge to the dealership everyday and teach those around you. If you think you possess these traits, Toyota of Naperville would love to hear from you.

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