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Is Leasing a Car Right For Me?

Leasing a car in Warrenville, IL can be one of the best financial decisions a person can make. Currently, Toyota and dealerships like Toyota of Naperville have seen great success offering outstanding lease products like the popular 24-month option that is available on many models. Even with leasing options becoming more affordable and more people taking advantage of them, there are still a number of leasing myths floating around that need to be dispelled. In true Toyota of Naperville fashion, we want to present as many options to customers without getting bogged down in jargon that can be confusing or intimidating.

Before the myths start being disproven, take a look at this advantage of leasing a car in Warrenville, IL; leasing basically eliminates future risk for the lessee. When a person purchases a vehicle, they will often look at selling that vehicle or trading it in toward their next vehicle purchase. A major risk they run is that car dropping in value or demand for any number of reasons. When taking out a lease, that risk falls on the leasing company, like Toyota. Once a customer has completed a lease term, they can walk away, worry-free to their next lease. It’s Toyota’s problem what happens once that leased car gets returned. The customer doesn’t have to worry about what to do next.

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Why Lease?

  • Better interest rates
  • Better rebates
  • Market Depreciation
  • GAP Protection
  • Less vehicle maintenance
  • Fewer mechanical repairs
  • Newer vehicle more often
  • No trade-in Hassle
  • No negative equity
  • Dreive more car for the money
  • Trade cycle management
  • 3 great options at lease end Purchase & Keep, Purchase & Sell Walk-Away

More Advantages to Leasing a Car

A favorite scare tactic of the anti-leasing crowd is to tell people they won’t be building any equity when they are leasing a car in Warrenville, IL. This is pretty much as false as myth gets. What is equity really? Let’s look at equity as money that is in your pocket, we could also call it “investing in yourself.” Let’s say you are thinking about taking a lease that lasts for 36 months, a standard term and you have the option of financing a vehicle and paying it off in the same three-year time frame. All things being equal, a monthly car payment at that rate could easily be in the neighborhood of $400 per month. However, you could lease the same exact vehicle for $250 per month for 36 months. That difference of $150 would go directly into your pocket every month. At the end of the 36 months, you could be sitting on an extra $5,400.
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Also, considering a lease payment is often less than what a standard car payment would be, you may have the option of getting more vehicle. This will likely mean different things to different people leasing a car in Warrenville, IL. One option could mean moving up to a higher-end model or simply moving to a trim level that offers more features.