Order Your Scion FR-S in Naperville, IL Today

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Scion FR-S in Naperville and Aurora, IL

Scion FR-S in Naperville and Aurora, IL

Scion FR-S in Naperville and Aurora, IL

The time has finally arrived for customers to begin to order a Scion FR-S in Naperville and Aurora, IL. Toyota of Naperville has begun taking orders for Scion’s newest performance car and we are extremely excited to have this spectacular vehicle in our lots. With a flat-4 Boxer engine and low center of gravity, the Scion FR-S has superb handling and gives drivers a great feel behind the wheel. As one of the leading Toyota dealers in the Chicago area, Toyota of Naperville is very happy to be able to order these vehicles for our customers.

The Boxer engine puts out 200 horsepower, which is plenty for the 2,700 pound sports car. Those who are considering ordering the Scion FR-S in Naperville and Aurora, IL will not be disappointed with its ability to get up and go. The torque output is 151 pound feet and acceleration feels extremely rapid.

The interior of the FR-S gives out a racing feel all the way from the thick, yet small steering wheel that has been optimized for handling to the racing-inspired seats that are bolstered on the sides and shoulders. The shifter offers exceptionally short distances between gears, just three inches, which makes shifting easy and quick. The six-speed manual will not disappoint anyone, but neither will the automatic. The automatic transmission is a six-speed that wont turn off drivers that would prefer not to have a manual.

The Scion FR-S in Naperville and Aurora, IL boasts one of the lowest centers of gravity out of any production car built. Rear-wheel drive is an excellent touch in this car and the power flies to the back end. While many that are looking for great style, attitude and performance aren’t thinking about fuel economy, the Scion FR-S is surprisingly efficient. This car offers the entire package, it looks great, performs well and is affordable.

Toyota of Naperville is pumped about the new Scion FR-S in Naperville and Aurora, IL and we know that many of you are as well. Come on in to our dealership and order the Scion FR-S in Naperville, IL today. While you are there check out the rest of our great selection of Toyota in Naperville, IL and our used cars in Naperville, IL. Hurry in and get your FR-S before someone else does.

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