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Still placing your hands at 10 and 2? What are you, like 30?

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014
Right hand position on the steering wheel

Right hand position on the steering wheel

Whenever we start talking about driver safety blog posts for the Toyota of Naperville Blog, the editorial discussion always devolves to a discussion about what things were like when many of us old timers (note: The oldest among us is 33) took drivers education. Without getting too upset at the kids for being on our lawn or using the term whippersnapper, it seems a lot has changed with behind the wheel training. In our day (cough), it was explained that having the right hand position on the steering wheel was important to maintaining proper and safe control of the vehicle. For a long time this meant holding on at 10 and 2. Boy, times have really changed. (more…)

Breast cancer survivor support in Naperville, IL

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014
breast cancer survivor support in Naperville, IL

Breast cancer survivor support in Naperville, IL

With the start of October upon us, we are about to covered in a wave of pink ribbons denoting this month as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Given the utter devastation that this disease can bring to families, we couldn’t really think of a better reason to be overwhelmed with a message. You are probably going to be approached from several different angles to donate money or participate in any number of activities to raise money for breast cancer research. These are all worthy causes. The Toyota of Naperville Blog thought we would take a different approach and provide some resources for breast cancer survivor support in Naperville, IL.

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New program to for building Toyotas with aluminum announced

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014
building toyotas with aluminum

Building Toyotas with Aluminum

Toyota Motor Corporation has long been on the cutting edge of vehicle design. Just recently the company announced that they will be moving from using steel as the primary material for their vehicles to building Toyotas with aluminum. Plans are still very much in the early stages of being worked out. This big announcement comes on the heels of another ambitious plan to bring cutting edge safety systems to every vehicle in the Toyota lineup. The next few years are going to be a very busy time for Toyota engineers and a very exciting time to be a Toyota customer. (more…)

Toyota FT-1 now available in video game

Monday, September 22nd, 2014
Vision GT in Gran Turismo 6

Vision GT in Gran Turismo 6

If you have been following along with the Toyota of Naperville Blog for the last couple of weeks and months, you may have noticed that we are really excited about the development of the Toyota FT-1 concept vehicle. While there is still zero timeline available for when it or anything vehicle that could be developed from the FT-1 will be available, you can now drive it virtually. That’s right, the FT-1 concept vehicle is available, right now, for download as the Vision GT in Gran Turismo 6 on Playstation 3. Many of our co-workers, and their kids, have been eagerly awaiting this vehicle to arrive on the video game consoles. (more…)

2015 Toyota trucks for sale in Naperville, IL

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
2015 Toyota trucks for sale in Naperville, IL

2015 Toyota trucks for sale in Naperville, IL

Anybody in the area of Toyota of Naperville who has been holding out for the latest versions of 2015 Toyota trucks for sale in Naperville, IL are in luck. The 2015 Toyota Tundra and 2015 Toyota Tacoma are both available in our showroom and ready for you check out and drive home. Toyota trucks have come along way in the last few years, especially the Tundra that is coming of a revolutionary redesign from the 2014 model-year where the truck was essentially reinvented. The 2015 Tacoma has been a leader in the mid-size pickup truck segment of the industry for a long time but must and has been upgraded to meet the challenges from some competitors that are bringing their version of a mid-size truck back to market.

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Toyota expanding safety systems to all models

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
Toyota safety equipment

Toyota expanding safety systems

Toyota has long history of building some of the safest vehicles on the road with eight models that have received a five-star crash test rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or was a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Using the most advanced techniques in manufacturing for distributing the force of a crash around the passenger cabin as well as in introduction of airbags have saved an untold amount of lives. As outstanding as these safety developments are, the next generation of Toyota safety technology will be designed to prevent crashes from happening in first place. (more…)

Second day of Chase Grid Live already underway

Thursday, September 11th, 2014
second day of Chase Grid Live

Second day of Chase Grid Live

Yesterday (Sept. 10) was the kickoff of the Chase Grid Live event sponsored by Toyota. Judging from the photos from the official Twitter account of Toyota Racing, it was a hit. Fans seemed equally interested in the various displays of Toyota Racing technology as they were captivated by the performance from Grace Potter and The Nocturnals. The free event continues through today at 401 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago. The rest of the events promise to be just as impressive for the second day of Chase Grid Live events. (more…)

Toyota Camry trunk lid may experience problems

Monday, September 8th, 2014
Toyota Camry trunk lid

Toyota Camry trunk lid

The Toyota Camry is, without question, one of the best-selling vehicles in the Toyota sedan family as well as in the automotive industry as a whole. Toyota has earned its reputation for building some of the world’s safest and most reliable vehicles by having one of the industry’s most rigorous quality assurance protocols. Even with all of the various systems, checks and balances in place sometimes some things slip through the cracks. It has become known that some Toyota Camry trunk lid problems have cropped up. In order to make this right with customers, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A will be offering Camry owners, a Warranty Enhancement Package. It is important to note, this is NOT a recall notice.

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Graphite-colored FT-1 shown to public

Thursday, August 14th, 2014
graphite-colored FT-1

Graphite-colored FT-1

If you have been keeping up with the posts on the Toyota of Naperville Blog this week, you would have noticed our post on Monday about the Toyota FT-1 concept vehicle and its inclusion in the Gran Turismo franchise video game franchise. As a quick aside, the Gran Turismo franchise is important to cars like the FT-1 because of its place as a highly accurate driving simulator. As far the Toyota FT-1 goes, we have only seen the car in is bright red paint job, that makes it look like it’s going 70 mph while standing still. This was impressive on several fronts. That is until we saw the graphite-colored FT-1 version that was placed on display at Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival in California. (more…)

Toyota of Naperville offers mobility solutions to customers

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
TON top 0813

Toyota Mobility Solutions in Naperville, IL

Toyota Mobility Solutions in Naperville, IL is not one of the more well-known programs offered by Toyota that is available at Toyota of Naperville. The mobility program offers adaptive driving equipment or vehicle modifications to almost the entire line of Toyota vehicles to make it easier for those that need a little extra help. Among the equipment offered by Toyota Mobility Solutions in Naperville, IL is hand controls and electrically powered seats to help those who need wheelchairs get in an out of the Toyota vehicle with ease and dignity. Additionally, there is also a program offered through Toyota Financial Services that can offer a cash reimbursement for almost any mobility equipment installed on a Toyota vehicle.

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