You still have lots of time to win free Bears’ tickets

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Win Free Bears’ Tickets

Right now our beloved Chicago Bears are having a rough go of things. Without recapping the performance from last week against New England, let’s suffice it to say that we are hoping that things get better before we send a couple of lucky people to the Dec. 4 game against Dallas. At the beginning of October, we told you about the contest to win free Bears’ tickets in Naperville, IL. You still have a couple of weeks to sign up for the contest. You can win by throwing your hat in the ring for a chance to take in a live experience at Soldier Field by pretty much doing what you would do anyway on various social media platforms. The entry opportunities for the free Bears’ tickets will close at midnight, central time, on Nov. 14.

To have your chance at winning the free Bears’ tickets, all you have to do is click on the graphic at the top of the page and follow the directions from there. Also you need to “Like” us on Facebook and it wouldn’t hurt to follow us on Twitter (@ToyotaNapervill). The contest is open to all Illinois residents ages 18 and up. If you look below this paragraph, you will see a simple diagram of Soldier Field. You will be sitting in Section 123, Row 15 of the south end zone. These are really good seats and with any luck, the Bears will be back on top and Dallas will be taking their annual nose dive.

win free Bears' tickets
If you know somebody with a birthday coming up that likes to wear a lot of clothes at the same time this could be the perfect gift for them, thus putting you squarely in the No. 1 friend spot. Soldier Field is one of the most historic stadiums in all of professional sports and can be notoriously difficult to get tickets for seeing a game.

Toyota of Naperville would like to wish everyone who has entered good luck and encourage those that have not done so to get moving and take advantage of this opportunity. If you need help getting a new vehicle before the game, be sure to stop by the showroom and take a look at what we have available.

New 2015 Toyota Sequoia shows off capabilities

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2015 Toyota Sequoia in Naperville, IL

2015 Toyota Sequoia in Naperville, IL

There are some very exciting things happening at Toyota of Naperville and for Toyota in general. First, on a more local note, the 2015 Toyota Sequoia in Naperville, IL is available for customers looking for a highly luxurious, capable and reliable Toyota SUV. There aren’t many vehicle that can fit these three categories, and Toyota has one of the best available on the market. Also, on a Toyota-global note, a new 2015 Camry commercial has been released. This one tells a different story but stays within the theme of good things happening when someone is driving the new, sportier 2015 Toyota Camry. Read the rest of this entry »

Brake health important to winter driving safety

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Toyota brakes

Toyota Brakes

Everyone who works for Toyota of Naperville has an affinity for the automotive world. But the people that staff the Toyota of Naperville Service Department are really crazy about cars. One of their most recent efforts is to make sure people are coming in and getting their vehicles ready for winter. Another portion of that effort brings us to today with a little piece about the importance of using Toyota-licensed brakes when it comes time for replacing the one on your current Toyota vehicle. There are number of reasons why it is important to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts in your repairs, but the most important one is that they are specifically built to fit your Toyota car, truck or SUV. Read the rest of this entry »

Toyota Care takes care of you and your car

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Toyota Care

Toyota Care

If you bought a new Toyota car, truck, minivan or SUV from Toyota of Naperville you would have had that vehicle covered under the automaker’s aggressive and comprehensive warranty program called “Toyota Care.” Every major automotive manufacturer has a warranty program that backs up their products and protects the customer against large scale breakdowns of major components that could be prohibitively expensive to repair. The Toyota Care warranty offered on new purchases not only does this, but also goes the extra mile to provide extra peace of mind wherever it can. Among the coverages provided by Toyota Care are items like roadside assistance and basic assistance. Read the rest of this entry »

2015 Toyota Tundra in Joliet, IL shows off capabilities

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2015 Toyota Tundra in Joliet, IL

2015 Toyota Tundra in Joliet, IL

The 2015 Toyota Tundra near Joliet, IL that is available for sale at Toyota of Naperville is more than able to hold its own against the best competition in the full-size pickup truck class of the automotive industry. Since its redesign for the 2014 model-year the new Toyota Tundra has been all too eager to show off its performance and comfort to anyone that would listen. The 2015 Toyota Tundra follows this aggressive self-promotion and has all of the features and creature comforts that could be expected of a modern truck. From a performance aspect, the new Tundra is easily in the conversation about the most capable pickup trucks on the market today.

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2015 Toyota Tacoma in Joliet, IL built to perform

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TON blog top 1023

2015 Toyota Tacoma in Joliet, IL

The 2015 Toyota Tacoma in Joliet, IL that is available at Toyota of Naperville has been a class-leader in the mid-size pickup truck class for a number of years. Even at a time when other manufacturers decided to get away from producing the smaller pickup in the United States, Toyota recognized that its customers still desired an option to a full-size pickup and stayed with the popular model. The new Tacoma shares many features with the previous model and adds a few new tricks to keep customers on their toes and marveling at the new Toyota mid-size pickup truck.

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Toyota of Naperville offers Toyota parts discounts to get ready for winter

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Toyota parts discount

Toyota parts discount

The Toyota of Naperville Service Department really wants you to get ready for winter. We have already discussed the importance of having your battery tested. But now we want to talk about getting some more services and getting those services with a Toyota parts discount. Because we really want you to have your vehicle in top shape for a potentially grueling winter, our service department will offer a series of coupons throughout the winter to entice you to come to us and get the maintenance you need. If you need to have these things done anyway, you might as well save some money in the process. Read the rest of this entry »

Come to Toyota of Naperville to get ready for winter

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Getting your car ready for winter

Getting your car ready for winter

If you are a regular reader of the Toyota of Naperville Blog, you know all about our excellent selection of new Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs for sale in Naperville, IL. But did you know that our service department is also one of the best places to find Toyota service for you vehicle in the area as well. It only makes sense that a leading Toyota dealer would have a top-rated service department, as winter is approaching, we thought we would remind you about some services we offer to give you needed information about getting your car ready for winter. Read the rest of this entry »

New Camry stock car shares style with new production model

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New Camry Stock car

New Camry Stock Car

The 2015 Toyota Camry is doing more than inspiring a new generation of buyers, it has also influenced the design of the new Camry stock car. Starting next season, NASCAR Sprint Cup teams that race Toyota cars will be using a brand new car design and is the first manufacturer that has completed the update to the “Gen-6” model. This new version of the Camry-inspired racecar will also be used in the newly named Xfinity Series, formerly sponsored by Nationwide Insurance. The new Camry race vehicle certainly reflects the old saying, “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.” Read the rest of this entry »

Toyota and partners giving away Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle

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Toyota Fuel-cell vehicle Giveaway

One lucky person in California is about to make history and be one of the first people to own a Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle. We have been following the news about the Toyota FCV for some time now and are more than somewhat jealous that this revolutionary vehicle is only available in California, for right now. The winner of a contest sponsored by Toyota and the Environmental Media Association is selling raffle tickets for the car. Even at $100 per ticket or $500 for a half dozen, it seems like a good investment in the first zero-emission vehicle that Toyota has ever produced. Read the rest of this entry »